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Gatehouse Bank Update

Below is the latest update from the Gatehouse Bank.  For further details visit their website here.. You can access Gatehouse Banks products via Brilliant Solutions.  Contact us for more information. 

Lower BTL International rental rates and reduced minimum finance

We are delighted to announce that today we have reduced the rental rates for our International Buy-to-Let (BTL) products and also reduced the minimum finance amount across our entire standard product range to £100,000 (previously £150,000).

Key highlights include:

  • All International Buy-to-Let rental rates are reduced by 0.25%, regardless of finance amount or FTV
  • International Buy-to-Let 2 year fixed rental rates from 3.89% for finance of £500,000 and above
  • International Buy-to-Let 2 year fixed rental rates from 4.09% for finance between £100,000 to £499,999
  • Minimum finance reduced to £100,000 (from £150,000) across all standard Home Purchase Plan and Buy-to-Let products

Products are available for UK residents, UK Expats, International residents and corporate entities looking to purchase or refinance properties in England and Wales. Our full range of products can be found here.

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