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Halifax Update

Here is the latest update from Halifax.  Their latest products are viewable here and all accessible via the Brilliant Solutions mortgage club. Contact us for more information. 

Did you know we offer bespoke customer products for a Product Transfer?

We now offer customers bespoke products to choose from for product transfer (PT) and further advance (FA) applications.

Instead of checking our product guide, or any sourcing system, you need to log into Halifax Intermediaries Online and use Mortgage Enquiry to view the customer’s mortgage. The Product Finder tab will show the products available for a particular customer.

To see a customer’s bespoke products:

  • Log into Halifax Intermediaries Online
  • From the Home page select Mortgage Enquiry in the left hand menu
  • Input the customer’s Halifax mortgage account number e.g. 10987654321000
  • Select the Product Finder tab
  • The table displays products available to the customer based on their current loan amount and % loan to value (LTV). Sort these products as required at the top of the columns
  • Only use the right hand box for further advances, if a revaluation is required or a part repayment is to be made first. Use ‘Refresh’ to display products based on an updated loan amount/LTV and ‘Reset’ to return to current indexed valuation, loan amount and LTV view

Remember when keying a PT within the last three months of an existing product you have the option to choose the date of effect required ; start the new rate from the 1st of the following month and any Early Repayment Charge (ERC) is waived, or ‘forward date’ the new product to still benefit from the current rate until this expires.

Don’t forget all the information on your customer’s current Halifax mortgage which is available on the other tabs within Mortgage Enquiry:

  • Account Details – mortgage balance
  • Valuation Detail – indexed valuation
  • Payment Information – current total monthly payment
  • Repayment Vehicles – details held of repayment plans if Interest Only
  • View Sub Accounts – a breakdown of the separate sub accounts ; the balances on each, product details including % interest rates, product end dates, loan terms and current early repayment charge (ERC) details

Whilst we aim to cover all relevant information, for anything you are unable to find please contact your BDM who will be more than happy to help.

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