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Kensington Update

Here is the latest release from Kensington.  Remember we offer these products via Fees Free Packaging or direct to lender. For product details see their Residential Product Guide or their BTL Product Guide.

Important product notice

With effect from close of business on Wednesday 25th August we are withdrawing the following Residential rates from our product offering:


2 Yr Fix, 1.99%, 70% LTV
2 Yr Fix, 4.44%, 85% LTV (no fee)
2 Yr Fix, 3.89%, 80% LTV (remo only)

Young Professionals:

2 Yr Fix, 3.84%, 75% LTV
5 Yr Fix, 4.24%, 75% LTV
2 Yr Fix, 4.24%, 80% LTV
5 Yr Fix, 4.64%, 80% LTV
2 Yr Fix, 4.69%, 85% LTV
5 Yr Fix, 5.09%, 85% LTV

To submit a case with one of these rates, please note the submission deadlines below:

Decision in Principle Illustration produced and the FMA commenced by 5pm tomorrow, Wednesday 25th August 2021

Full Application submitted by 5pm on Tuesday 31st August 2021

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