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Metro Bank Update

Metro Bank have announced a broker update, available below.  Contact us to see how we help brokers like you across the UK, Alternatively please refer to our Mortgage Lending Criteria Guide and Product Guides.


The Perfect Solution for Portfolio Landlord Buy to Let

Metro Bank has the perfect solution for your customers that own four or more mortgaged buy to let properties and attached is a mailer than can be shared with your advisers, members, partners and internal teams…

Portfolio Landlord Buy to Let highlights

  • Subject property – 5 year fixed stress rate 3.5% at 140% of the mortgage interest amount – regardless of their income tax bracket
  • Top Slicing available on the background portfolio – subject to minimum income requirements and affordability
  • No minimum income (subject to rental void plausibility checks)
  • Maximum of 5 properties with Metro Bank (under £5m aggregated debt), maximum of 10 properties in total
  • Flexible background portfolio assessment – based on total mortgage balances & total rental income. Properties are not assessed on an individual basis
  • Competitive rates – 5 year fixed rates starting from 2.29%
  • A choice of two fee assisted re mortgage options for properties up to £2m including Legal Assist and no valuation fee or £250 Cashback and no valuation fee
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