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NatWest for Intermediaries has released a product update. For their latest products visit the product page on their website or the news section of their intermediary website.  A summary of the changes is below.  Contact us for more information. 


As a responsible lender we have  reviewed our current policy and we have taken the decision to withdraw lending into retirement for both new and existing customers.

Therefore, from 23/11/2020 we will no longer allow customers to take their residential mortgage past their intended retirement age.  We will however allow customers who are already in receipt of pension income to take their mortgage to age 70 (please see FAQ’s).

What’s changing?

  • Any porting illustration requests that include an element of lending into retirement need to be submitted by 16/11/2020.
  • If you submit a porting illustration request between 13/11/2020 and the 16/11/2020, please include in the ‘subject’ line of your email – ‘LIR porting request’.
  • The deadline for all applications to be received that have an element of lending into retirement is 21/11/2020.
  • Further information on our lending into retirement policy will be available via our A-Z from 23/11/2020.

What you need to do

  • Any lending into retirement porting illustration requests need to be submitted to us by the 16/11/2020
  • Any applications that have an element of lending into retirement need to be submitted by 21/11/2020


  • A customer is a firefighter with an intended retirement age of 55.  The customer is currently 50 years old and wants to take a 10-year mortgage term. Can we proceed? No, the mortgage term will run past the customers intended retirement age and we are no longer allowing customers to take their mortgage into retirement. You should see if you can reduce the mortgage term or refer to whole of market.
  • A customer is 55 and has retired from their main profession from which they are receiving a pension. They have continued to work in some capacity and they intend to stop working completely at the age of 67. Can we proceed? In this instance we would be able to lend to the customer providing their mortgage term finished before they stop working. This would be classed as BAU lending as the customer is still in some form of employment. Both the pension income and employed income would need to be captured. However, if the customer was wishing to take the mortgage term beyond the age of 67 then we would not be able to proceed with the application. This would be the case even if the customer’s pension income alone would be enough to afford the mortgage.
  • A customer is 55 and has fully retired. They are receiving income from a pension and can afford a mortgage based on this alone. Can we proceed? Yes, we would be able to proceed as the customer has fully retired. We define a retired customer as someone who is no longer actively working or in any form of employment. 
  • A customer is working as a labourer and has said they are going to retire at 70. Can I take this customers mortgage to the age of 70? If a customer’s retirement age doesn’t look realistic based on their profession our underwriters may ask for further information. If you can provide rationale for why this is realistic then the application will be considered. 


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