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Optimum Update

Here is the latest release from Optimum Credit.  Contact our team to discuss any cases.

Re-Introduces No ERC Products

Optimum will be re-instating our Prime 5-year, no ERC fixed rate product from tomorrow, 24th September.  This product will provide your customers with further options and flexibility through Optimum.  You will find that this product will be competitively priced within the current marketplace.

As you will be aware this product was removed at the start of the pandemic and upon review and feedback from yourselves, we have decided the time is right to re-introduce this.

The product will only be available on our Prime product range, on applications scored from 24th September.  Any existing application looking to use this product will need to be scored on a new application number.  The product code will be the same as it was previously (OPTNE05).

I have attached the latest Broker Packaging Guides for reference.

Optimum plus broker packaging guide September 21
Optimum prime broker packaging guide September 21

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