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Pepper Money Update

Here is the latest update from Pepper Money.  You can access Pepper Money products through our direct to lender mortgage club and get the benefits of payment on completion. You can also use our Fees Free Mortgage Packager

Lender Announcement

Let to Buy is back! Let to Buy – we can now help with both transactions

Your customers can now benefit from Pepper Money’s common sense approach to specialist lending for both transactions.

Our Buy to Let range is ideal for customers who decide to let out their home rather than sell. They can use Pepper’s Residential range to fund their next purchase and start building rental income from their previous property.   Find out more

The Buy to Let transaction 

We’ve reduced our minimum income for private landlords to £18,000, which can include two applicants. Your customers can be first time landlords as they’re already homeowners.

The Residential transaction

Unsecured credit won’t affect product tier, and the application won’t be cascaded post-submission.

We don’t assess applications using credit scoring. Instead, we’ll review the story behind the numbers to arrive at a fairer decision for your customers.

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