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Product Blast w/e 19 November 2021

Update Overview

This week, MBS, Santander & Barclays have all made improvements to their systems to make things easier for brokers. Some lenders are continuing to reduce their rates such as Saffron, Principality & Progressive Building Society along with Family Building Society who have reduced their rates for their Exclusive range which is available via Brilliant Solutions. We can also see a scattering of new products being launched, criteria being enhanced and all round improvements being made.

This Week's Updates

Accord BTL NEW - launched a new Buy to Let product transfer range
Barclays BTL RESI CHANGES - updates made to Residential & Buy to Let application systems
Bluestone BTL RESI CHANGES - significant policy enhancements made across the whole product range
Clydesdale BTL RESI CHANGES - new deals launched & rates increased on select mortgages
Coventry RESI CHANGES - select rate increases & withdrawals
Dudley RESI NEW - loans of up to £2.5 million now accepted
Family BTL RESI CHANGES - reductions to select rates including the Exclusive range which is available via Brilliant Solutions. Increase to some max LTV's
Foundation RESI WITHDRAWALS - select product withdrawals from Limited Edition range
Gatehouse BTL NEW - reinstated products for MUFBs into International BTL portfolio
Halifax RESI CHANGES - updated select rates across HMV, FTB & Affordable Housing ranges, & withdrawn selected products without replacement
H&R RESI CHANGES - product withdrawal, increases & reductions across several ranges & a number of products launched
Kensington RESI NEW - now lending up to 80% LTV on properties in Northern Ireland on selected product ranges
Leeds RESI CHANGES - selected Residential 2 & 5 year fixed rates at 65% & 75% LTVs withdrawn. Refreshed rates & rolled on end dates. Launched new Large HMO products for existing customers & New First Homes range
Lendinvest BTL NEW - 7 year product launched
MBS BTL RESI NEW - launched a new mortgage application portal & removed paper based process
Melton RESI NEW - 2 new products launched
NatWest BTL RESI CHANGES - new product transfer process for mortgages to be acquired from Metro Bank from 22nd November
Principality BTL RESI CHANGES - enhancements & reductions in rates made across several ranges
Progressive RESI CHANGES - rate reductions across several ranges, further green products launched, 2 self build products withdrawn, Foreign Currency products improved & further products introduced for purchase & remo. Floored rate introduced to selected variable products
Saffron RESI CHANGES - reduction in many rates across several ranges, withdrawal of products
Santander BTL RESI CHANGES - improvements made to full mortgage application (FMA) process
Shawbrook BTL NEW - Buy-to-Let Portfolio product released
Skipton BTL RESI CHANGES - refreshed rates across all products, extended end dates on BTL, Shared Ownership & HTB ranges. Launched resi 3 yr fixed products up to 95% LTV
TSB BTL RESI CHANGES - increased max LTV for New Build Residential & Buy To Let. Increases & reductions on select rates
Virgin BTL RESI CHANGES - to selected rates & rolled on end dates
West Brom RESI CHANGES - updated Residential Lending Policy

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