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TSB Update

See the latest announcement from TSB below.  Note that you can access TSB via the Brilliant Solutions mortgage club but the lender does place some restrictions on access. Contact us for details.  

TSB Mortgage Product Guides are available here but check the date to ensure it has been updated to reflect the announcements below.

Reduced rates for Residential products.

TSB is making further improvements by reducing rates on a selection of their Residential products, on Tuesday 8 December 2020.

A summary of the changes:

First Time Buyer and House Purchase rates reduced on:

  • 2 year fixed 60-80% LTV, by up to 0.45%
  • 5 year fixed (5 year ERC), 60-85% LTV, by up to 0.70%
  • 2 and 5 year fixed (5 Year ERC), 85-90% LTV, by up to 0.45%

Remortgage rates reduced on:

  • 5 Year Fixed (5 Year ERC), 60-85% LTV, by up to 0.35%

We appreciate the market is changing quickly, and now we’ve returned to 85-90% LTV for First Time Buyers and Home Movers we wanted to remind you of some of our criteria:


  • LTV restricted to 75% where any customer is keyed as self-employed.
  • Maximum loan to income multiple of 4.25 times income for applications where any customer is self-employed
  • Minimum of 2 years self-employed income history required.

85-90% LTV:

  • Houses and bungalows only
  • Maximum term 30 years.
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