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See the latest announcement from TSB below.  Note that you can access TSB via the Brilliant Solutions mortgage club but the lender does place some restrictions on access. Contact us for details.  

TSB Mortgage Product Guides are available here but check the date to ensure it has been updated to reflect the announcements below.


TSB has made some changes to lending criteria from today, Friday 20 November.

Here’s a summary of the changes:

Income multiple
Reduced the maximum loan-to-income multiple for >85% LTV lending, where the total income is
more than £40,000, from 4.5 to 4.49.

Self-employed policy
Temporarily introduced new lending criteria for self-employed customers.

Maximum loan-to-value is now capped at 75% and maximum loan to income at 4.25 times income
for applications.

TSB requires at least 2 years’ of finalised business income documentation for all self-employed
applicants. This policy is applied where one or more applicants are self-employed.

Please note: TSB’s affordability calculator does not currently support the criteria for self-employed

Changes to Rate Switch and Buy to Let products.

TSB is making changes to Rate Switch and Buy to Let products on Tuesday 24 November 2020.

A summary of the changes:

Buy to Let

  • Product end dates move out to the end of March

Product Transfer

  • Product end dates move out to the end of February
  • 2 and 5 Year Fixed 75-120% LTV rates increased by up to 0.90%
  • 10 Year Fixed (5 Year ERC) 75-85% LTV rate increased by 0.05%

Attached is a copy of the new product guide, which is embargoed until 9.30am on 24 November 2020.

All brokers registered with TSB will be contacted to let them know about the changes. All existing applications must be submitted by 8pm on 23 November, as they will not be available after this time.

New 85-90% LTV First Time Buyer 5 year fixed product.

On Friday 27 November, TSB is launching a new 85-90% LTV First Time Buyer product.

  • 5 year fixed, 85-90% LTV, 3.79%, £995 fee with £500 cashback.

In October TSB launched a new product range just for First Time Buyers which reverts to a follow-
on tracker rate of 2.59% instead of TSBs current HVR (3.59%).

Raising a deposit is often the biggest challenge customers face so TSB has introduced up to 90%
LTV to support them. 

TSB is committed to bringing back 90% LTV lending to more products as soon as possible.

Product Guide

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