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Vida Update

Vida  Homeloans has updated its range across the direct to lender and packaged range.  Brilliant Solutions offers fees free packaging across the range as well as direct to lender access with payment on completion.  Vida’s rates are available here and details on Vida’s criteria is available here.  For more information you can contact our teamLOGIN to Vida here

Resi for action! Take a look at our latest residential enhancements

We have recently enhanced our affordability criteria on our Residential range, to provide more opportunity of home-ownership to your clients. We’re Resi for action for your specialist cases!

Our latest Affordability changes include:

  • 100% of regular bonuses accepted, supported by P60 and last 3 payslips showing bonus paid
  • 75% Overtime or Commission accepted
  • 75% profit related pay accepted
  • Income from 2nd jobs accepted after 3 months
  • Minimum loan size reduced from £100,000 to £75,000

Let’s get life moving for your more complex residential clients.

For more information, take a look at our website, or download our latest Criteria Guide.

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