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Here are the latest updates from the Ipswich Building Society.  These products are available via our direct to lender mortgage club which offers you payment on completion as well as specialist mortgage support and more. 

Lender Announcement

Product updates

Rate reduction on 90% LTV products. We’re back with fixed rates for Holiday Lets!

We have reduced rates on our 2-year 90% LTV residential mortgages, and are launching a brand new, 5-year fixed rate. Additionally we are now offering fixed rate options on Holiday Lets.

See our outline product details below and download our rate guide for a closer look.


  • 3.25% 2 year fixed (reduced from 3.75%)
  • 2.99% 2 year discount (reduced from 3.50%)
  • 3.45% 5 year fixed *new*

HOLIDAY LET – up to 80% LTV

  • 4.10% 2 year fixed rate *new*

Important applicant information for 90% Resi:

These products are not available to applicants who are self-employed or on furlough, or to mortgage holders currently on a payment deferral with their existing lender. In addition, applicants who have taken a payment deferral on their existing mortgage or have been furloughed since 30 September 2020 are not eligible. Any applicants furloughed prior to this date must have now returned to work full time.


 Important information: your case and the stamp duty holiday

 Ahead of the stamp duty holiday deadline on 31 March please be aware it is extremely unlikely your client’s mortgage will complete in time to be eligible. It is important your client is prepared to pay for the stamp duty due. You must ensure your client is aware of this.

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