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Kensington Update

Here is the latest release from Kensington.  Remember we offer these products via Fees Free Packaging or direct to lender. For product details see their Residential Product Guide or their BTL Product Guide.

We’ve reduced many of our Residential rates

We’re pleased to confirm that we have reduced rates across many of our Residential ranges, plus we have relaunched our Large Loan product.

Rate reductions to the following ranges:

  • Select now from 3.24% for 2 year fixed 75% LTV (£1,999 completion fee).
  • eKo £1,000 cashback now from 3.94% for 2 year fixed 75% LTV with no completion fee.
  • Core now from 3.94% for 2 year fixed 75% LTV (£999 completion fee).
  • Property Plus now from 4.04% for 2 year fixed 75% LTV (£999 completion fee).

Relaunch of the Large Loan 1 Year Fixed Product*

  • Minimum loan £500,000, Maximum loan £1.5 million.
  • Rates from 3.34% for 1 year fixed 75% LTV with 0.25% completion fee.

*Not available in Northern Ireland.

For all the details, including criteria, view the relevant product guide.

Residential product updates live today

We’re pleased to confirm the below updates are now available on the broker portal and your sourcing system of choice.

The Hero Mortgage Range*:

  • Launch of 90% LTV with rates starting from 5.19% for 2 year fixed (£1,299 fee)
  • Reduced rates across our 75% and 80% LTVs for 2 and 5 year fixed rates. For example, 3.24% for 75% 2 year fixed (£999 fee)
  • Suitable for NHS Clinicians (including Paramedics & Nurses), Teachers, Armed Forces Personnel (Army, Navy, RAF), Firefighters and Police aged 40 or under

The Young Professionals Range*:

  • Products available up to 85% LTV, 2 & 5 year fixed
  • Rates from 3.34% for 75% 2 year fixed (£999 fee)
  • For qualified Actuaries, Barristers, Chartered Accountants, Commercial Pilots, Dentists, Doctors and Solicitors aged 40 or under

*75% LTV in Northern Ireland.

Select criteria applies. For all the details, view the relevant product guide.

In addition, we will be making further updates to the Select and Core Residential products (including eKo and Property Plus) on Tuesday 9th March 2021. To submit a case on our current range, please note the submission deadlines below:


  • Decision in Principle Illustration produced and the FMA commenced by 5pm on Monday 8th March 2021
  • Full Application – submitted by 5pm on Sunday 14th March 2021


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