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View here for LiveMore Capital’s latest product announcements.   Please remember that you can access their products through our direct to lender mortgage club which pays on completion.  NOTE:  Some LiveMore products also pay annual ongoing income, also available via our club. Contact us for more information. 

Last chance to secure our 7 year product – current rates end TODAY!

Apologies for the short notice, but this evening we will be withdrawing our current rates across our 7 year product range.

RIO Product Range

 Standard, 7 Year Fixed, 60% LTV – 3.50%
 Complex, 7 Year Fixed, 60% LTV – 4.09%
 Complex, 7 Year Fixed, 75% LTV – 4.55%

TIO Product Range

 Standard, 7 Year Fixed, 60% LTV – 3.40%
 Complex, 7 Year Fixed, 65% LTV – 4.20%
Never fear, these products will be replaced tomorrow morning, however today is your last chance to grab a long term fixed mortgage at these current rates. 
To take advantage of these, please get your applications submitted via our Broker Portal by Midnight tonight.
If you are waiting for any missing information, it would be worth submitting the application now with that to follow.
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