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Here is the latest release from Optimum Credit.  Contact our team to discuss any cases.

Broker Bulletin January 2022

I am pleased to announce that we have updated our criteria regarding job checks, in an aim of making us easier to do business with by reducing the number of occasions where a job check will need to be carried out on an application.

We will now only look to carry out a job check on applications which fit one or more of the following criteria:

  • Where cash out to the customer is £100,000 (or above) and the LTV exceeds 75%;
  • There is sick pay on the payslip equivalent to more than 7 days;
  • The payslip we hold on file is not the latest one issued to the customer (older than 30 days if a monthly payslip);
  • There is reason to believe the employer is making redundancies

A verification call will also be made on all cases where we have a letter from the employer detailing information around the applicants employment (employment reference letter).

We reserve the right to carry out an employment verification call on any application should we deem it necessary, even if it would not normally be carried out.  As you’ll expect, as a responsible lender, if we deem the call to be unsatisfactory, we will look to verify the applicant(s) employment in a different manner.

Please can we ask that employment telephone numbers are provided on every case and input within SWAN.  A case cannot complete without a valid number being present.  We will look to verify numbers are correct.

Re this new criteria change we will be issuing new Broker Packaging Guides in due course with the above updated wording.

Other important news:  –

Pepper Money Integration

Optimum will complete its integration with Pepper Money on Monday 24th January.  As a reminder there will be no access to SWAN (including via XML) on Saturday (22nd) and Sunday (23rd). 

From Monday you will need to access SWAN via the following link:

Email addresses will update and a reminder of the group email addresses are below

Submission Checklist

Please find an updated submission checklist to be used from Monday.

Communications Event

Finally, the office will be closing at 4:15 on Monday 24th January for our monthly communications event.

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