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Pepper Money Update

Here is the latest update from Pepper Money.  You can access Pepper Money products through our direct to lender mortgage club and get the benefits of payment on completion. You can also use our Fees Free Mortgage Packager

Lender Announcement

Pepper 60 remortgages and AVMs launched

Lowest rate ever remortgage product launched

For the first time on Residential, we’ve launched a Pepper 60 product which is for remortgages only and available from 55% LTV. The new product is suitable for customers who haven’t had a secured missed payment, CCJ, or Default in 60 months and haven’t missed an unsecured payment in the last 12 months.

Rates start from our lowest ever of 1.98% on a 2-Year Fixed Rate, up to 55% LTV. On 5-year fixed rates, our lowest rate on the new product tier is 2.80%, up to 65% LTV.

These products should help those customers who are closer to high street, but may not have the credit profile that fits their systems based approach to underwriting.

AVMs now available on selected remortgages

That’s not all… Following a successful pilot, our Automated Valuation Model will now be available to use on selected Residential remortgages to speed up the customer journey. We know this will be a great help as we’ve already seen the power of this release, having successfully got an application through to offer in just 24 hours with the help of an AVM.

With these updates, we believe your advisers will be in a fantastic position to write more remortgage business with these low rates and AVMs to speed up the process! With UK house prices having risen at their fastest rate since 2004 increasing many homeowners equity within their existing property, it’s a great time for advisers to get in touch with their customers to get them a better deal.

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