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Product Blast w/e 22 October 2021

Update Overview

This week there are further reductions in rates with only the odd increase. Newcastle launch their standalone products specifically for the Government First Home scheme as well as increase the LTV on new build houses & flats. The Melton also increase the LTV for just new build houses. Brilliant Solutions gains access to the new 85% LTV Residential Packager Exclusive​ with Vida.

This Week's Updates

Aldermore BTL, RESI CHANGES - capital raising limits back to pre-covid levels & changes to min income level on 5.5x lending. Removed Covid Restriction from Remortgage Purpose/Capital Raising criteria
Barclays BTL, RESI CHANGES - several rate increases & decreases across existing Residential, Buy to Let & Reward ranges
Clydesdale BTL, RESI CHANGES - launched 95% resi products & 80% BTL products & changed max term policy
Darlington RESI CHANGES - refreshed some residential products with new codes, rates, end dates & updated fees
Foundation BTL NEW - limited edition 2-year discount product with no ERCs, no application fee and one free standard valuation launched
Furness RESI NEW - FTB 5 yr fixed rate product launched at 2.99% for cases up to 95% LTV
Halifax RESI CHANGES - updated rates on selected products & withdrawn some products without replacement
H&R RESI NEW - launched 4 Medical Professional products
Just RESI INCREASES - to interest rates on J3 & J4 LTV series
Leeds BTL, RESI CHANGES - BTL, Portfolio BTL, Holiday Let & 2nd Home end dates extended & New 70% 5yr Holiday Let at 3.75%
Melton BTL, RESI CHANGES - LTV increased to 90% for new build houses, new resi & shared ownership products launched, holiday BTL products withdrawn & rolled on most end dates
Nationwide RESI CHANGES - to rates across several residential ranges
Natwest RESI CHANGES - refreshed rates on selected residential products
Newbury BTL REDUCTIONS - in rates by 0.25% on discount BTL products
Newcastle RESI CHANGES - Reductions to rates for 2 & 5 yr 95% LTV resi range & upfront reservation fees removed. Standalone products specifically for the Government First Home scheme launched. Max new build LTV increased to 90% for houses & 80% for flats. Regular overtime/bonus/commission increased to 50%. Enhancements made to Large Loan & Deposit Unlock Propositions
Nottingham BTL CHANGES - launched 3 rate changes across BTL range & withdrawn several BTL products
Paragon RESI WITHDRAWALS - 2 yr fixed & 5 yr fixed rate products at 75% LTV
Pepper RESI CHANGES - lowest rate ever remortgage product launched & AVMs now available on selected remortgages
Post Office RESI CHANGES - withdrawn selected products from Retention range & extended end dates on remainder
Precise BTL, RESI CHANGES - new Bridging & Refurb BTL criteria & rate
Vida RESI NEW - Brilliant Solutions has access to new 85% LTV Residential Packager Exclusive

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