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Product Blast w/e 01 April 2022

Update Overview

This week, Hodge have launched a new Commercial Investment Finance product which is aimed at experienced property investors who invest in a mix of commercial buildings.  Hampshire Trust Bank and Progressive Building Society have made some interesting changes and TSB have re-launched several products.

This Week's Updates

Accord BTL RESI CHANGES - majority of BTL rates increased. Resi New Business products withdrawn & replaced
Barclays RESI CHANGES - several reductions in rates across various ranges
Bucks BTL NEW - 2 Holiday Let products launched
Clydesdale BTL RESI INCREASES - to Tracker product rates due to BoE base rate increase & several other products
Foundation BTL CHANGES - new range of Green BTL mortgage products launched. Expanded closed panel of solicitors to transact all specialist property cases
Hodge COMM RESI CHANGES - Commercial Investment Product launched. 50% LTV products from 50+ range temporarily withdrawn
HTB COMM CHANGES - semi-commercial criteria enhanced & commercial to residential valuation split to 50:50
Kensington BTL RESI NEW - Residential, BTL & HMO/MUB specials launched
Kent RESI CHANGES - Residential range withdrawn & replaced
Landbay BTL INCREASES - to several products across various ranges
Nationwide RESI CHANGES - some rates reduced while some are increased
Newcastle BTL RESI WITHDRAWALS - 4 products withdrawn
Pepper BTL RESI CHANGES - select rates increased across several product ranges. Lenders fees changed
Precise BTL CHANGES - BTL range withdrawn & replaced
Progressive RESI CHANGES - various rates across several ranges amended. Enhancements made to income multiples & minimum incomes
Saffron BTL RESI CHANGES - 2 new FTB products launched, application fee removed from select products & self build rates reduced
Santander BTL RESI CHANGES - updated the accountant’s certificate to capture more information upfront
TML BTL NEW - 2 new products launched
TSB BTL RESI CHANGES - entire shared ownership product range including rates for second-hand homes and re-mortgages re-launched. Tracker rates increased due to BoE base rate increase as well as other rates across various ranges
Vida BTL RESI CHANGES - BTL Limited Editions products launched. Enhancements made to contractor criteria
Virgin BTL RESI CHANGES - some products withdrawn. Tracker rates increased due to BoE increase & several rates increased across several product ranges
West One BTL NEW - 2 new products launched

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