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Product Blast w/e – 16 Apr

Update Overview

This week brings some great new product ranges and relaunches.  Foundation Home Loans launch their new Green Reward Mortgages on their residential range.  Furness and InterBay have both launched new Holiday Let products. Kent Reliance have announced the re launch of their 95% & 100% Market Share Value, Shared Ownership products and The Mortgage Lender have enhanced their credit criteria and rates which are available via our fees free packager exclusives.

This Week's Updates

Accord RESI CHANGES - updated codes & extended end dates across new business range
Bluestone BTL, RESI CHANGES - to criteria for self employed
Coventry RESI CHANGES - product refresh
Fleet BTL CHANGES - to criteria for tenure, property size, exposure limit & requirements for portfolio landlords
Foundation RESI NEW - Green Reward Mortgages launched
Furness BTL NEW - Holiday and BTL range launched
Halifax RESI CHANGES - new 2 & 5 yr 95% LTV FTB & HMV products. Reductions to selected FTB & HMV products. Withdrawal of 2 & 5 yr 0-60% LTV £1+ products
InterBay BTL NEW - holiday let product range launched
Kensington BTL, RESI NEW - reduced rates for BTL core range. Now accepting Scottish First Home Fund applications
Kent Reliance RESI NEW - 95% & 100% Market Share Value, Shared Ownership products re launched
Keystone BTL CHANGES - product refresh
Landbay BTL CHANGES - product refresh and amended criteria regarding min property valuation, max lending & properties above commerical
Leeds RESI NEW - 95% LTV products
Newcastle RESI NEW - products across 80% & 85% LTV ranges
Platform BTL, RESI CHANGES - product refresh
Santander RESI CHANGES - to submission of full mortgage application & assessment of self employed applications
TML RESI NEW - Packager Exclusive range with enhanced credit criteria and rates
TMW BTL NEW - green further advance product range launched
Together BTL, RESI CHANGES - limited edition products released for second charges. Increased min loan size increased to £50k for BTL & commercial term products
Virgin RESI NEW - 3 yr fixed rates at 85% & 90% LTV launched with £1,000 cashback on selected products

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