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Product Blast w/e 16 Oct

Update Overview

Some new products have been introduced this week by a couple of lenders supporting our care professionals with tailored products offering high LTVs.  We continue to see withdrawals and increases to product ranges across both residential and BTLs.  

This Week's Updates

Accord BTL INCREASES - across products in 60% LTV range
Buckinghamshire RESI NEW - joint borrower sole proprietor & 90% LTV care products
Coventry RESI CHANGES - Limited period 90% LTV 5 yr fixed. Reductions on 2, 3 & 5 yr fixed products
Foundation BTL NEW - 2 & 5 yr fixed rate products
Furness RESI NEW - 90% LTV fee free FTB product (restricted to LA postcodes)
Leeds RESI CHANGES - selected residential and shared ownership products withdrawn. Increases across remaining residential products
Melton BS BTL, RESI CHANGES - new product transfer & BTL products. Withdrawal of some products and relaunch of Consumer BTL products
Natwest BTL INCREASES - across product range
Newcastle RESI NEW - 85% LTV products
Principality BTL, RESI CHANGES - New "Thank you" product range & other residential products. Increases on selected residential & BTL products.
Progressive BS RESI CHANGES - across product ranges. New 80% LTV new build product
Santander RESI CHANGES - 85% LTV range sees increases & new 3 yr fixed rate
Skipton BS BTL, RESI CHANGES - decreases, extended end dates & withdrawals across BTL range. Decreases across residential range
TSB BTL, RESI WITHDRAWN - a range of BTL & Residential products
Vida BTL, RESI CHANGES - withdrawal of some products ranges & increase on remaining products
Virgin RESI INCREASES - across core products
West Bromwich RESI WITHDRAWN - selected products across 60% & 75% range

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