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Mortgage Product Update

Product Blast w/e 18 Sep

Update Overview

More rate rises and contractions but few changes on the LTV front.  Product withdrawals all service related rather than risk related.

Residential Mortgages

Barclays CHANGES New products and rate reductions.
Bluestone CHANGES Criteria changes and rate reductions.
Coventry CHANGES Furlough income no longer accepted.
Newcastle WITHDRAWAL Withdrawn 5yr and 2yr 80% mortgages
Nottingham NEW New residential products.
Leeds WITHDRAWN Mainstream rates increased, 65%, Shared Ownership and HTB withdrawn.
Natwest ANNOUNCE Large renewals book due in Q4 and applications now open.
Marsden CLOSED Withdrawn ALL products to address service.
Principality INCREASES Multiple increases.
Santander INCREASES Rate increases on 85% range.
Skipton INCREASES & NEW Rate increases many products in range and Auto Income Verification released.
TSB NEW New products released.
Vernon WITHDRAWN 85% LTV 3yr Fixed
Vida INCREASES Increased rates on selected ranges and products.

Buy to Let Mortgages

Text summary to be inserted.

Bluestone CHANGES Criteria changes and rate reductions.
Buckingham BS NEW Re-entered ex-PAT BTL
Foundation REDUCTIONS Rate reductions and some product withdrawals.
Leeds WITHDRAWN Holiday Let Withdrawn
Newcastle WITHDRAWN BTL range withdrawn
Nottingham INCREASES Rate increases across BTL.
Principality INCREASES Rate increases across 75% Range.
Skipton INCREASES Rate increases across much of the range.
Vida INCREASES Rate increases on select BTL products.

Secured Loans, Bridging & Development, Commercial Mortgages

UTB NEW Secured Loan Improved unsecured credit criteria
Shawbrook NEW Secured Loans 85% LTV for employed and self-employed

This sector sees little in the way of genuine product rate changes and updates.  Contact us for further information. 

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