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Product Blast w/e 20 Nov

Update Overview

This week sees Accord launching their 90% LTV product back onto their core range, Kent Reliance extending the number of bedroom/units on their HMO/MUFB range, Skipton launch new HTB products and Leeds introducing exclusive products via their new Hub.  Along side these, we continue to see lenders amending rates and criteria in line with their service stands.

This Week's Updates

Accord RESI CHANGES - relaunch of 90% LTV product into core range. Increases and decreases to selected residential products ranges. All end dates extended to 30 April.
Aldermore RESI DECREASED - LIBOR rate from 0.10% to 0.05%
Chorley BS RESI CHANGES - increase to max LTV on SVR product to 80%. Launch of new first time landlord product.
Coventry RESI CHANGES - increase on selected residential products. Withdrawn various offset products at 80-85% LTV
Foundation BTL, RESI CHANGES - in process and required documents
Furness RESI WITHDRAWN - select range of residential repayment and interest only products
Kent Reliance BTL CHANGES - extended HMO/MUFB policy to include 10 bedrooms/units
Landbay BTL NEW - 2 yr & 5 yr fixed large loan products
Leeds BTL, RESI CHANGES - Launch of new Mortgage Hub. New 2 yr & 5 yr products with no fee launched & shared ownership fixed rates via new Hub
Nationwide RESI CHANGES - Interest only now available for home purchases. Update to system functionality.
Natwest RESI WITHDRAWN - lending into retirement criteria amendment
Newcastle RESI CHANGES - New product transfer product range. Amendments to lending policy affecting furlough income and self employed
Nottingham BTL, RESI NEW- products across residential, BTL and Ltd Company BTL ranges
Paragon BTL, RESI WITHDRAWN - all Plan A products. Plan B & C products have changed to a min term of 72 mths
Pepper BTL, RESI CHANGES - reduced rates across product ranges. New 85% LTV products available
Platform BTL, RESI CHANGES - criteria changes affecting income multiplier introduced. Relaunch of products across all ranges.
Santander BTL, RESI CHANGES - Reductions to selected HTB and BTL rates. New residential products at 60% LTV. Online system unavailable this weekend.
Skipton BS BTL, RESI CHANGES - new HTB products. Increases to selected residential rates and decreases to various BTL products.
TSB RESI NEW - relaunch of 2 yr fixed 60-85% residential products
West Bromwich BTL, RESI CHANGES - rates amended across core residential & HTB products. Increased fees to selected products on Ltd Company BTL range

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