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The office will be closed from 5pm today for staff training, open as normal tomorrow. 

Our office will be closed from 5pm Thursday, 20th October to 9am Friday, 21st October.
If you have any cases or enquiries that this may affect, please contact our team today. We apologise for any inconvenience.

The Brilliant Loans direct number, 01792 277 277,  is not currently working.

Please Call us via Brilliant Solutions on 01792 277 555, option 3

We hope to resolve this asap. Apologies for the inconvenience.


In honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II our offices will be closed on Monday 19th September while our staff pay their respects.

The office will re-open at 9am on Tuesday 20th September.

Bluestone Update

Bluestone Mortgages has updated its range across the direct to lender and packaged range.  Brilliant Solutions offers fees free packaging across the range as well as direct to lender access with payment on completion. Products 

We’ve updated our policy to help self-employed borrowers impacted by Covid-19

Covid-19 has impacted the finances of so many, whether through unemployment, reduced working hours or the furlough scheme. Whilst the government has offered temporary financial support to those affected, the true cost of the pandemic is still unfolding and will continue to do so for some months.

For some of your clients just getting through the next day or week is hard enough and that’s why we’ve updated our credit policy to further support self-employed borrowers who have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The update will apply to applicants who have experienced more than a 10% reduction in business income as a result of the pandemic, but who have since seen their company earnings bounce back to pre-Covid levels.

Helping you help your clients

For self-employed borrowers in this position, we will use the applicant’s 2019/2020 income where they can demonstrate earnings in the most recent three months have returned to that level. We will also consider how the applicant’s business was affected by the pandemic, the sustainability of the applicant’s income and whether any government support loans have been received.

Working with us

If your clients application qualifies for our bounce back self-employed scheme please make sure that you input the latest years figures via Bluelink as of 2019/2020 (See image) in the most recent year, with 2020/2021 figures in Year 2.

Do you have self-employed clients who have been impacted by Covid-19 and are bouncing back from it? Together we can help them! Submit a case to us via our online portal Bluelink and we can help you find the right solution for your customers needs.

You can also follow us on LinkedIn to find out more.

In the meantime, if you want to learn more about your clients options, feel free to give me a call on 07584 471 477 or alternatively you can request a call back here.

At Bluestone Mortgages, we give credit, where credit is due!

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Product guide – Find out how our products and services can help with your cases. 

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