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Product Blast w/e – 02 July 2021

Update Overview

A real mixed bag this week of criteria changes, withdrawals, new products and product tweaks but the main theme seems to still be rate reductions.

This Week's Updates

Accord BTL, RESI CHANGES - Extension to mortgage offers for additional 90 days extended. Reduction on selected rates for 80% & 90% LTV products. Reduction in rates to a number of Residential & BTL product transfer rates
Aldermore COM CHANGES - to improve KYC process
Barclays BTL CHANGES - new max loan sizes by LTV for new builds and flats.
Chorley RESI NEW - products launched for North West region only up to 95% LTV and a Government First Home Scheme products
Coventry RESI REDUCTIONS - across selected Offset products
Dudley BTL, RESI CHANGES - relaunch of debt consolidation criteria
Foundation BTL CHANGES - increased total aggregate borrowing with Foundation from £3m to £5m
Halifax RESI CHANGES - amended rates across their remortgage range
H & R RESI REDUCTIONS - to rates between 80-90% LTV. New 2 yr discount product
Ipswich BTL, RESI CHANGES - rates increased to selected products, increase in min loan size for all products, self build products now have 2% ERC for 2 yrs
Leeds RESI NEW - 95% LTV 5 yr product launched at competitive rate
Metro RESI NEW - 95% LTV joint borrower sole proprietor product
Nationwide RESI REDUCTION - on rates on select mortgage products
Natwest RESI CHANGES - withdrawn a selection of products and launched a new 85% LTV product
Newcastle RESI REDUCTIONS - to 2 yr & 5 yr fixed rate 90% & 95% products
Nottingham RESI CHANGES - reprice of 5 yr fixed product and 2 yr discounted self build product
Principality RESI CHANGES - new 2, 3 & 5 yr 90% LTV products. Increased max LTV for JBSP from 85% to 90% LTV
Santander BTL, RESI NEW - cashback products for residential FTB, 80% LTB products launched. Rates reduced across selected products on residential, new build, HTB & BTL ranges. Changes to proof of deposit originating from a select number of countries
TML BTL REDUCTIONS - to fees and rates across BTL range
TMW BTL CHANGES - selected rates updated, reintroduced 80% products to new business range and £0 fee products to standard BTL range
Together BTL, RESI REDUCTIONS - to a selection of products
TSB RESI CHANGES - reduction in rates to a selection of residential products. 2 yr & 5 yr fixed remortgage 0-75% LTV (£1,495 fee) products withdrawn
Vida BTL, RESI WITHDRAWN - BTL limited edition product & a selection of Vida 1 products.
Virgin BTL, RESI NEW - 85% LTV Greener mortgages shared ownership products launched. 80% LTV £1,000 cashback product launched

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