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Product Blast w/e 5 Feb

Update Overview

A quiet week this week for product withdrawals and changes in criteria.  Mainly lenders introducing new product ranges and return of higher LTV products along with the launch of limited edition/limited tranche products.  

This Week's Updates

Accord RESI CHANGES - to selected rates across residential product transfer and additional loan ranges. Reduction in valuation fees for BTL only.
Barclays RESI REDUCTIONS - across selected product ranges
Bath BS BTL, RESI NEW - 75% LTV BTL products, 70% LTV Holiday Let products and 90% LTV residential products
BM Solutions BTL CHANGES - various changes across ranges to rates
Clydesdale RESI REDUCTION - in rates to 85% LTV range
Dudley BS RESI NEW - Fees Assisted remortgage range. Relaunch of retirement lending and stamp duty product
Foundation BTL NEW - limited edition 2 & 5 yr fixed rate products with reduced product fees
Halifax RESI CHANGES - to rates and codes on remortgage products
HTB BTL CHANGES - new non representation refinance product
Ipswich BS RESI CHANGES - to criteria for self build products. Relaunch of 90% LTV products
Just ER REDUCTION - to rates across entire range
Kensington BTL, RESI NEW - 2 & 5 yr fixed rate products added to residential and BTL ranges
Leeds BTL, RESI WITHDRAWN - consideration of furlough income for affordability
Metro RESI NEW - 90% LTV 5 yr fixed products. New top slice calculator
Nationwide RESI REDUCTION - in ERCs across fixed rate range
Natwest BTL, RESI REDUCTIONS - across selected products across product ranges
Newcastle BTL, RESI CHANGES - withdrawn a selection of BTL and residential products and relaunched replacements. New interest only product
Platform BRI, RESI NEW - new business & product switch rates for residential and BTL. New professionals range. Reduced stress rate for BTL
Precise BRI CHANGES - reduced min term for non regulated bridges to 12 months
Principality BTL, RESI CHANGES - in rates across both BTL and residential product transfer ranges
Pure Retirement ER REDUCTIONS - in rate across Heritage and Freedom 40 ranges
Santander RESI CHANGES - new 90% LTV products. Reduction in rates for residential and selected HTB products
Scottish Widows BTL CHANGES - various changes across product transfer range
TSB BTL, RESI CHANGES - withdrawn, increases and re introduction of selected products
Virgin BTL CHANGES - to BTL rental stress test. New products with £1,000 cashback
West Brom BS RESI CHANGES - reduced rates on existing residential product range. New 2 yr shared ownership products
Zephyr BTL CHANGES - reduction of rates across standard and specialist ranges and new BTL 1% fee product

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