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Product Blast w/e 12 November 2021

Update Overview

This week, The Mortgage Works have reintroduced HMO products across their ranges & Nationwide have brought back Tracker products. Pepper Money have launched a new Help To Buy range for New Build First Time Buyers. Similarly, Bluestone have launched an Exclusive Right to Buy Product which you can access through Brilliant Solutions! Ipswich Building Society have had a complete brand and name overhaul and are now Suffolk Building Society. Buckinghamshire Building Society have also enhanced their Online Submission Process making things easier for brokers.

This Week's Updates

Accord RESI CHANGES - increases to select Resi Product Transfer & Additional Loan rates. Reductions to BTL & Resi New Business rates
Aldermore BTL NEW - launch of 2 new Limited Edition products
Bluestone RESI NEW - launch of Exclusive Right to Buy products- access through Brilliant Solutions
Buckinghamshire RESI NEW - enhanced Online Submission Process, 5 Year Fixed Remortgage Product launched & case fast-tracking
Clydesdale RESI WITHDRAWALS - selected products withdrawn
Coventry RESI CHANGES - rates increased on some Residential products. Withdrawn selected products at 50% & 65% LTV without replacement
Darlington RESI CHANGES - refreshed rates & end dates on Retention products, launched 3 new Retention products & 1 new Green Home product
Furness RESI CHANGES - updated rates on selected existing customer products & launched 1 new product
Just RESI INCREASES - in rates on J1, J2, J2.5 & Green LTV Series
Kensington RESI WITHDRAWALS- 1 product withdrawn
Leeds BTL CHANGES - end dates extended across several ranges, 4 new Holiday Let products launched & rate reductions on all Green BTL & Green Portfolio BTL. 2 BTL products withdrawn
L&G RESI REDUCTION - in a number of rates
MPowered RESI NEW - launched a new 7 year product range, select rates have been updated across all ranges. A new free valuation incentive also applies
Nationwide RESI NEW - reintroduction of tracker products
Natwest BTL, RESI CHANGES - 1 BTL remortgage product withdrawn with replacement. Rate increases & reductions across several ranges
Pepper RESI NEW - launch of Help To Buy range for New Build FTB's
Progressive RESI CHANGES - updated rates & introduced a floored rate to selected products. Launched & withdrew selected products
Suffolk BTL, RESI CHANGES - Ipswich Building Society have had a change of name & branding to become Suffolk Building Society
TMW BTL NEW - reintroduction of HMO products across BTL, Large Portfolio & Limited Company ranges
Together RESI CHANGES - to the regulated bridging product
TSB RESI CHANGES - selected products withdrawn, increases & reductions in rates across several ranges. Removed temporary coronavirus policies for affordability and offer extensions
Vernon RESI CHANGES - withdrew and replaced 1 product. Increased max loan size on a 5 yr fixed rate product & selected discount products
West Brom RESI CHANGES - refreshed rates & end dates on selected retention products

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