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Product Blast w/e 18 February 2022

Update Overview

This week we can see several lenders re-pricing their product ranges with many withdrawals and replacements. Newcastle have launched a new range specifically for Lifetime ISA customers and The Mortgage Lender have launched a new mortgage range with a 4 tier structure.

This Week's Updates

Accord BTL RESI INCREASES - to residential product transfer, additional loan & BTL product transfer ranges
Aldermore BTL RESI CHANGES - Procuration fees increased & select rates reduced
Barclays RESI CHANGES - select product withdrawals with various rate increases & reductions
Clydesdale BTL RESI CHANGES - various products withdrawn & replaced, select rates increased. Improved new build incentive criteria & reduced min income required for Newly Qualified Professionals
Coventry BTL RESI CHANGES - several owner-occupier & BTL products withdrawn, select rates increased
Family BS BTL RESI WITHDRAWALS - of select products across various ranges
Foundation BTL RESI CHANGES - withdrawn 50 products; 24 of which re-launched with new rates. New product launched; F1 2 year discount at 80% LTV
Furness RESI NEW - ERC free products launched
Kensington BTL RESI CHANGES - re-price of full product range including the specials (with the exception of Flexi Fixed For Term)
Leeds BTL RESI CHANGES - select rates withdrawn & BTL rates increased
Melton BTL CHANGES - select products withdrawn & new products launched
Newcastle RESI NEW - launch of exclusive products to support Lifetime ISA customers
Nottingham RESI NEW - 2 self build discount products & a 16-month fixed rate product launched
Progressive RESI CHANGES - several product ranges re-priced
Saffron BTL RESI INCREASES - Standard Variable Rate (SVR) increased
Suffolk BTL RESI INCREASES - Standard Variable Rate (SVR) increased
TML RESI NEW - Streamlined mortgage range launched with 4 tier range available via Brilliant Solutions
TMW BTL CHANGES - no longer accepting paper applications for Limited Company cases- online only
TSB RESI CHANGES - temporarily withdrawn Residential 5 yr fixed 85% LTV products. Stress rates changed
Vida BTL CHANGES - 2 Limited Edition products withdrawn & replaced with enhanced products
Virgin BTL RESI CHANGES - all Resi & BTL rates increased, exclusive 75% LTV 5 Yr Fixed product withdrawn
West One BTL CHANGES - various products withdrawn & several products re-priced
Zephyr BTL INCREASES - several BTL rates increased

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