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Product Blast w/e 19 Feb

Update Overview

What a positive week.  New products launched, LTVs up and rates down.  This is more or less consistent across the market. From Semi-Commercial, Holiday Let, BTL and HMO through to Residential. 

This Week's Updates

Accord BTL NEW - BTL limits restricted for landlords and portfolios.
Foundation RESI NEW - Green mortgage launched
Fleet BTL NEW - Pricing across range.
Furness BTL DECREASES - Rates drop across BTL
Halifax ALL Dates on fixed terms change
Interbay COMM NEW - product refresh with new reduced rates and enhanced criteria
Ipswich BS ALL CHANGES - Rate reductions in 90% and fixed rates in Holiday Let.
Kensington BTL, RESI INCREASE - LTVs UP across range
Lendinvest BTL CHANGES - Enhancements across range and new 5yr Special Edition products.
Melton BS RESI CHANGES - New fixed rates across standard and shared ownership
Metrobank RESI CHANGES - New improved 90% pricing and more.
Nottingham RESI CHANGES - Enhanced Large Loan offering
NatWest ALL CHANGES - LTVs up and rates down.
Platform RESI NEW - Professional mortgage range launched
Precise BTL REDUCTIONS - Lower rates in HMO and BTL
Principality BTL, RESI WITHDRAWALS - Withdrawing a number of products
Progressive RESI NEW - New range released for employed applicants.
Santander RESI REDUCTIONS - Fixed rates down (some)
Together RESI NEW - First charge prime product
TSB RESI REDUCTIONS - Rates fall on a number of BTL products
Vida BTL REDUCTIONS - Rates cut in tier 1

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