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TSB Update

See the latest announcement from TSB below.  Note that you can access TSB via the Brilliant Solutions mortgage club but the lender does place some restrictions on access. Contact us for details.  

TSB Mortgage Product Guides are available here but check the date to ensure it has been updated to reflect the announcements below.

TSB is making changes to a selection of Buy to Let and Rate Switch products.

Buy to Let rates reduced:

·        2 year fixed House Purchase and Remortgage, 0-75% LTV products with £1,995 and £995 fee by 0.30%

·        5 year fixed House Purchase and Remortgage, 0-60% LTV products with £1,995 and £995 fee by up to 0.10%

 Rate Switch:

·        Selective rate changes

·        Product end dates extended to the end of May

Attached is a copy of the new product guide, which is embargoed until 9.30am on 19 February 2021.

All brokers registered with TSB will be contacted to let them know about the changes. All existing applications must be submitted by 8pm on 18 February, as they will not be available after this time.

Please contact your National Account Manager if you have any questions.

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