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Product Blast w/e 29 Jan

Update Overview

This week brings with it quite a few lenders refreshing their full product ranges.  We continue to see the higher LTV products come back to lenders product ranges and selected products being withdrawn as lender try to maintain service standards.  Precise have withdrawn their Winter Warm range to replace it with new lower BTL rates and fees.  The Mortgage Lender returns their residential products to market.

This Week's Updates

Accord RESI CHANGES - 75% & 80% LTV residential products & a selection of BTL products across ranges withdrawn. BTL rates going up & incentives changing. A range of new 80% & 60% LTV BTL products launched
Barclays RESI CHANGES - to EU, EEA or Swiss national applicant criteria
Buckinghamshire BTL, RESI NEW - applications now accepted
Cambridge BS RESI NEW - 90% range with reduced rates
Clydesdale RESI INCREASES - to selected 75% LTV rates
Coventry RESI CHANGES - product closures and relaunches at increased rates
Dudley RESI NEW - 85% LTV products & part and part product
Family BS BTL, RESI NEW - full product refresh
Foundation BTL REDUCTIONS - to rates for 5yr fixed at 75% LTV
Godiva BTL NEW - products with increased rates and extended end dates
Halifax RESI CHANGES - rates changes to HMV/FTB & affordable housing product ranges. New 90% LTV products
Kensington BTL, RESI CHANGES - product refresh across all ranges
Landbay BTL CHANGES - product refresh with reductions across range
Leeds BTL, RESI WITHDRAWN - 5 yr 85% LTV Residential product & selected residential, BTL and portfolio BTL products
Melton RESI CHANGES - new 5 yr fixed rates at 85% & 90% LTV.
More2Life ER REDUCTION - to rates on capital choice plus plans
Newcastle BTL, RESI CHANGES - withdrawal of fee assisted 2 yr 85% LTV product. New self employed product. New joint mortgage sole proprietor product
Precise BTL CHANGES - withdrawal of winter warmer BTL products. Launch of lower rates and fees for BTL products
Principality BTL INCREASES - to LTV and product rates
Saffron BS BTL, RESI CHANGES - FTB arrangement fee removed, new 90% LTV owner occupied product, BTL rate reductions & relaunching Ltd Co BTL products
Shawbrook BTL REDUCTIONS - across BTL & HMO ranges
Skipton BS BTL, RESI CHANGES - launch of 5yr fixed rate at 90% for residential. Rate changes across retention products
TML RESI NEW - residential products launched
TMW BTL NEW - Ltd Co remortgage products
TSB BTL, RESI NEW - payment holiday available to recent flood affected customers
Virgin RESI REDUCTIONS - on selected high LTV products

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