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Product Blast w/e 08 April 2022

Update Overview

This week, we can see many lenders launching new ranges or totally refreshing existing ranges. There are also numerous criteria and policy changes being made across the board. Together have launched some exciting Exclusives that can be accessed via Brilliant Solutions! Interbay have re-introduced Bridging Finance and West One have introduced several new products.

This Week's Updates

Accord BTL RESI CHANGES - Cascade Score product range launched & several rates refreshed
Barclays RESI WITHDRAWALS - several products withdrawn
Foundation BTL CHANGES - BTL & Limited Company ranges refreshed. Green ABC+ products withdrawn & replaced. New Expat product for landlords purchasing or remortgaging a large HMO (up to 8 bedrooms) or multi-unit blocks (up to 10 units) launched
Hodge RESI INCREASES - several rate increases to 50+ & Holiday Let ranges
Interbay BRI NEW - Bridging has been re-introduced
Keystone BTL CHANGES - max LTV for standard products increased to 80%. Now lending on HMOs up to 15 beds & MUP of up to 15 flats. FTL now accepted on HMO purchase up to 6 beds or MUP of up to 6 flats. Can now lend to retired ex-pat applicants
Leeds BTL RESI WITHDRAWALS - select Resi & BTL products withdrawn
LiveMore RESI WITHDRAWALS - current rates across 7 yr product range withdrawn
Molo BTL RESI INCREASES - several rate increases made across various ranges
Newcastle RESI CHANGES - select products withdrawn & mortgage range refreshed
Precise BRI BTL RESI CHANGES - £0 product fee BTL range launched. Range of acceptable adverse widened & max LTV raised to 85% for customers with recent credit blips. Bridging range enhanced
Santander BTL RESI CHANGES - several updates made regarding residential affordability. Several rates increased across various ranges & select products withdrawn. Changes made to self-employed policy
Shawbrook BTL CHANGES - large loan product launched that includes rate reductions over 70% LTV, rates reduced on Prime plan for 85% LTV & several alterations made to lending criteria
Together BTL NEW - Brilliant go GOLD with Together - Exclusive products launched
Vida BTL WITHDRAWALS - limited edition products withdrawn
Virgin RESI CHANGES - New Build cash incentives now accepted up to 90% LTV
West One BTL CHANGES - Green Second Charge BTL Mortgage Product launched, new second charge BTL plan called BTL Plus launched. Commission increased & select rates reduced

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