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Product Blast w/e 12 Feb

Update Overview

A lot of new products being launched and reintroduced this week as we see lenders bring new Help to Buy scheme products to market along with cash back products.  We continue to see the return of the higher LTV products with lenders and rate tweaks and product refreshes in order to maintain service levels.

This Week's Updates

Accord BTL CHANGES - withdrawn selected products from 60% & 65% LTV BTL range. Return of 75% & 80% LTV residential products. Reduction to 85% & 90% LTV and HTB products.
Barclays RESI NEW - improved loan to income multiples for residential lending and reduced rates across products within purchase, remortgage and reward ranges
BM Solutions BTL CHANGES - product refresh
Buckinghamshire RESI NEW - Care products for local key workers & new 3 year products
Chorley BS RESI NEW - discounted products launched with cashback .
Coventry BTL REDUCED - reference rate for all 5+ yr fixed rate calculations
Foundation RESI CHANGES - product refresh and relaunch of 85% LTV products
Furness RESI NEW - 90% LTV 5 yr fixed rate launched
Godiva BTL DECREASES - to reference rate for 5 yr fixed products
Ipswich BS RESI CHANGES - refresh of 90% LTV product range
Kensington BTL, RESI NEW -relaunch of their Core range & Help to Buy range
Landbay BTL NEW - product refresh with new reduced rates
Leeds RESI NEW - residential 5 yr 75% LTV products. New fixed rates. Selected BTL & portfolio BTL rates reduced
Lendinvest BTL NEW - HMO products launched and cashback option for select BTL products
Melton BS BTL, RESI CHANGES - various products refreshed across Melton and MBS Lending ranges
Nationwide RESI CHANGES - increase max term at 90% LTV
Newcastle RESI CHANGES - to 80% LTV products
Platform BRI, RESI NEW - reintroduced select mainstream new business products
Pure Retirement ER INCREASES - across Sovereign range
Santander RESI NEW - 90% LTV purchase products launched
Skipton BTL, RESI CHANGES - new 90% LTV shared ownership products. Selected changes across all ranges including withdrawal of some 85% LTV products
The Mortgage Lender RESI NEW - Launch of Help to Buy Scheme products
Together RESI NEW - reduced regulated bridging rates
TSB RESI NEW - 3 yr fixed rates and new reduced rates across various fixed rate product ranges

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