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Product Blast w/e 25 February 2022

Update Overview

This week we can see many rates being increased by several lenders with just the odd decrease. CHL Mortgages (a new addition to our mortgage club panel), Foundation, Interbay, Suffolk and TSB have all increased their loan to values and have brought out some new products for these higher LTV’s.

This Week's Updates

Accord RESI INCREASES - to select residential rates
Barclays RESI CHANGES - customers are no longer required to sign the general Mortgage Declaration or Interest Only Declaration
Bluestone RESI NEW - fees free products launched
CHL BTL CHANGES - current BTL product range expanded to offer a range of 7 yr fixed rates & max LTV is now 80%
Clydesdale BTL RESI INCREASES - select rates increased
Fleet BTL REDUCTIONS - to tracker product rates
Foundation BTL NEW - range of Expat specific products including options for Green, Short Term Lets, HMO all up to 75% LTV launched for individuals & Limited Companies
Furness RESI NEW - 2 new ERC free products launched
H&R BTL RESI NEW - launch of several resi fixed & discounted mortgage products, along with a new range of BTL Large Loan products. Relaunch of BTL Limited Company product
Interbay BTL CHANGES - revamped semi-commercial & commercial range & increased the max LTV to 75%
Kensington BTL RESI NEW - launched new Residential & BTL special products
Leeds BTL RESI WITHDRAWALS - select resi, 5 yr BTL & Portfolio BTL fixed-rates withdrawn
Lendinvest BTL CHANGES - rates increased on every product, Product fee increases for Standard property & Small HMO products. New ERC for 7 & 10 yr products (standard and EPiC)
Nationwide RESI INCREASES - to selected Rate Switch & Additional Borrowing rates
Nottingham RESI NEW - 7 2 yr residential products launched - a new 80% LTV & 2 new 95% LTV products, including a £500 cashback offer
Pepper BTL RESI CHANGES - increasing the Lender Base Rate to 0.45% on 1st March. Introduced Lifetime Tracker range up to 85% for Resi & 80% for BTL. Repriced all Resi & BTL rates
Santander BTL RESI CHANGES - several rate increases across many ranges & some products withdrawn
Suffolk RESI NEW - 2 95% LTV products launched, 2 self build & renovation products including a large loan option launched
TSB RESI CHANGES - reintroduction of resi 5 & 10 yr fixed FTB, House Purchase & Remo, and BTL 10 yr Fixed House Purchase & Remo. Select BTL & Resi rate changes, Introduction of 75-80% & 80-120% LTV BTL 2 & 5 yr fixed products. Withdrawal of Resi 10 yr fixed products. Select rates increased
Virgin BTL RESI INCREASES - select rate increases across various ranges
Zephyr BTL INCREASES - all fixed rates increased – except the 5-year options for HMOs and MUFBs

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